Terms & Conditions

1. Rules of Rangers Lotto

Rangers Lotto is the name of a weekly lottery.  Entries to Rangers Lotto cannot be sold to or by persons under the age of 18.

Entrants must be in possession of a valid Rangers Lotto entry card, which is provided by Rangers Lotto.  Information on the card constitutes part of the rules.

There are three Lottery draws and a £1 entry fee gains the player access to all three draws. The three draws consist of a weekly Saturday, a weekly Wednesday and a Monthly Rollover.

The Rangers Lotto winning numbers will be determined by the manual drawing of Lotto balls from a drum in the Lotto Office. This weekly draw will be carried out by a random selection of people. It will never be carried out by the Lotto staff. The jackpot winning numbers are defined as being the first four numbers drawn from the drum on the date of the lottery. The fifth number drawn is defined as being the Rangers Lotto bonus number.  

The Wednesday prize-winning numbers are defined as being the first five numbers drawn from the Lotto Office drum on the first Wednesday after the date of the lottery.

A valid entry combination for a Rangers Lotto lottery is defined as being a combination of numbers allocated by Rangers Lotteries Limited to an entrant prior to the lottery and for which an entry payment of £1 has been received by Rangers Lotteries Limited before the establishment of the winning numbers for that lottery. In certain circumstances, the promoter may be satisfied with documentary proof that payment is imminent in the event of the entry money not being in the possession of Rangers Lotteries Limited at the time of the establishment of the winning numbers. An example could be proof of posting into the Royal Mail system. A combination of numbers is not a valid entry if payment with respect to that combination is submitted to an agent of Rangers Lotteries Limited but not subsequently received by Rangers Lotteries Limited. 

The jackpot prize is defined as being the prize money remaining after the payment of the Wednesday prize money won in the manner defined above, the bonus number prize money won in the manner defined above and the £20 prizes won in the manner defined above.  The jackpot prize will be won by the entrant who has a valid entry combination in which the four numbers correspond to the jackpot winning numbers as defined above.

Within the rules and regulations of the Gambling Act 2005, the limit on the individual prize will be £25,000.  Any prize money not won as a result of this will be divided amongst 3 and the bonus ball if this is not won it is divided amongst the £20 prize winners.

In each lottery, £1,000 will be shared equally amongst each of the entrants who have a valid entry combination in which four of the numbers are amongst the Wednesday prize winning numbers as defined above.

In each lottery, £500 will be won by each of the entrants with a valid entry combination which includes the bonus number as well as any three of the jackpot winning numbers as defined above.

In each lottery, £20 will be won by each of the entrants with a valid entry combination in which three of the numbers are amongst the jackpot winning numbers as defined above.

In the event of there being a lottery in which no valid entry combination qualifies for the jackpot, and no valid entry combination which qualifies for the bonus number prize, then the jackpot prize money will be divided equally amongst the entrants who have valid entry combinations in which three of the numbers are amongst the jackpot winning numbers.

In the event of there being a lottery in which no valid entry combination qualifies for the Wednesday prize, then the £1,000 Wednesday prize will be added to the jackpot prize total for the following Saturday lottery.

The monthly rollover draw will be conducted in the last week of each and every month. The Rangers Lotto computer system will randomly generate a series of 4 numbers. If these numbers match any paid entries for that week then that entry will collect the winning amount held in the rollover pot. This amount cannot be more than £25,000. If the rollover prize pot of £25,000 is reached and a winner is not found on the first set of randomly generated numbers, then subsequent numbers will continue to be generated until a winning set of numbers is found. The £25,000 prize will then be paid out to the holder of the matching numbers.

All net proceeds are donated to the Rangers FC Youth Academy. Our breakdown is as follows: 37% is donated to our good cause/beneficiary, which is the Rangers FC Youth Academy, 33% is paid out in Prizes and Bonuses, 12.5% is paid out in commission and 17.5% in expenses.

All draw game prizes must be claimed within 180 days after the draw date. All unclaimed amounts will be transferred to the Rangers Youth Academy.

We accept Debit Cards for the payment of all goods.  Unfortunately, due to gambling restrictions, we are unable to accept Credit Cards.

Disputes arising from the lottery will be resolved by the Promoter.

2. Codes of Practice

2.1 Protection of children and the vulnerable

Rangers Lotteries Limited has a policy of requesting positive proof of age from new customers. This policy will be constantly reviewed and messages to customers to remind them will be issued at regular intervals via customer Newsletters and other briefs. Proof of Age may be provided via Passports, Driving Licences, Birth Certificates or other forms of identification which provide the date of birth of the customer 

Notification is provided to Rangers Lotteries Agents to reinforce the message that their players must be 18 years or over. Rangers Lotto Agents are reminded that it is illegal to play a Lottery if under the age of 18 and if any of their players fall into this category then Rangers Lotteries Limited will have an obligation to uphold the Gambling Act 2005 with regard to underage players.

2.2 Combating Problem Gambling

Rangers Lotteries Limited is a member of the Lotteries Council (LC). Each year the LC, on behalf of its members, makes a contribution to GambleAware, which is an independent charity tasked to fund research, education and treatment services to help to reduce gambling-related harms in Great Britain. Funding priorities are guided by the national strategy advised by the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB) and endorsed by the Gambling Commission.

The Rangers Lotteries website at www.rydc.co.uk highlights the GambleAware logo to confirm to its current and any potential new customers of its backing of GambleAware and its aims

Rangers Lotteries staff will be encouraged at all times to look for potential signs of problem gambling. An example would be erratic payments from weekly customers. Where this occurs then spot checks should be made with clients to ascertain if they have made payments to their Lotto Agent, who in turn has not passed the payment to Rangers Lotto. Other signs to look for would include customers looking for credit or customers having problems in paying sums of money for products provided e.g. Scratchcards

In all cases of suspected problem gambling tact and care should be taken at all times. Documented evidence should be gathered where possible

Where cases of problem gambling are confirmed then those customers should politely be made aware of the support provided by GambleAware.

2.3 Fair and Open Provisions

All new customers to Rangers Lotto are provided with exact instructions on how the game is played including contact details and where to call if they have any questions or disputes.

These instructions are also available on the Rangers Lotto website for all to view.

2.4 Dispute Resolution

All disputes will be resolved by the Promoter. Disputes will be heard in a fair and open manner at a place, date and time agreeable to both parties. All customers will be contacted at regular intervals to confirm the Dispute Procedure.

Disputes will be resolved with reference to the Rangers Lotteries Limited Terms and Conditions, the Gambling Act 2005 plus any other suitable and relevant means. The Lotteries Council offer a limited legal service to its members and this may be used to help resolve a dispute. Where appropriate The Gambling Commission will be consulted.

All staff will be trained in how to deal with a dispute. The first port of call in any dispute is to gather all customer details and the nature of the dispute.

Summary of Dispute Process:

Rangers Lotteries Limited views complaints as positive as they are seen as opportunities to impress customers. Customers who have had a dispute resolved in an efficient manner are more likely to tell others about the positive experience 

i.) A Disputes Team in the form of the Promoter plus the staff member directly involved with the dispute will work through the dispute with the customer ensuring all details are understood

ii.) All complaints will be recorded allowing analysis of the complaint

iii.) Each complaint will form part of an action plan for implementing the approved recommendations

3. Cash Handling

Avoidance of Money Laundering 

3.1 Lotto staff must be vigilant to avoid potential money laundering. Customers who suddenly increase their entry numbers and pay in cash should be monitored. If there is a suspicion that money is being laundered, then staff should query the number of entries requested and through discussion use judgment as to whether to allow the person to continue or not

3.2 A record will be kept of any such incidents involving staff intervention/customer interaction

3.3 Staff should be vigilant to avoid accepting counterfeit money. Staff should use a counterfeit pen to enable the detection of counterfeit notes on receipt into the Lotto office

3.4 To avoid cash discrepancies in the Lotto office all cash should be kept in the office safe and banked on a weekly basis or earlier. All cash will be counted on the day of receipt and receipts kept for a suitable period

3.5 When visiting the bank alternate routes and times will be observed

3.6 All money being paid into the bank will be accompanied by accurate receipts and kept in the Lotto office for a suitable period

4. Access to Premises

Gambling Commission Enforcement Officers may visit Rangers Lotto premises. When these visits occur it is important that Rangers Lotto staff understand the following:

4.1 That staff should cooperate fully with the Gambling Commission Enforcement Officers

4.2 Staff should check the identity of such Enforcement Officers before entry is authorised

4.3 Staff should allow reasonable access to premises required by the Officer in the conduct of his work

4.4 Staff should provide any information, whether written or electronic, relating to the operation and management of the Lottery system as required by the Enforcement Officer

These Terms and Conditions will remain in force until altered or amended by the Promoter.  Advance notification of alterations or amendments will be distributed amongst entrants.

Promoter: Colin Stewart

Registered Address: Broomloan House, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow, G51 2XD