What is Ibrox Forever?

Ibrox Forever is a walkway of personalised engraved granite stones set in the ground around the perimeter of the stadium.

When are they being installed?

The stones will be placed twice yearly.  Please contact us for more information.

Why is it being created?

To provide Rangers fans with the opportunity to have a permanent place in history by creating a lasting tribute to all the players and fans that have made Rangers the team we love.

Who can buy Ibrox Forever Stones?

Everyone is able to buy a stone.

What Ibrox Forever stone(s) can I buy and how much do they cost?

You can choose from a range of Granite stones:

Ibrox Forever Small Stone: 200mm x 100mm in Granite, 2 lines of text, 14 characters per line.
Ibrox Forever Large Stone: 200mm x 200mm in Granite with 3 lines of text, 14 characters per line.
Ibrox Forever Premium Stone: 400mm x 400mm plus the inclusion of the Rangers Crest, 3 lines of text, 20 characters per line.

Please refer to our SHOP for current prices.

You can buy as many stones as you like.

Are the letters painted on top of the stone?

The letters are engraved into the surface of the granite stone to make the lettering more hard-wearing.  A contrast colour is then added to the engraved letters/numbers.

What are Replica Stones?

A replica is a personal copy of your Ibrox Forever stone for your own home or to give as a personal gift.  These stones are exact copies of the original stones being installed at the stadium.

Please refer to our SHOP for current prices and delivery costs.

You can use your replica in many ways:

 Build it into your house
 Put it on the mantelpiece
 Give it to a friend or loved one as a memento or a great event or memorial in tribute to a loved one
 Use it as a paperweight
 Add it to the garden rockery
 Build it into a wall
Use it as a doorstop
 Build it into your patio

How will I receive my Replica Stone(s)?

Replica stones will be dispatched to you by post in a protective box.

What can I have engraved on my stone?

Any message or dedication you wish can be engraved on your stone. Rangers FC reserves the right to veto any unsuitable messages.
Examples of what you can say:


Stones make great gifts:

 Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or marriages
 Remembering people and good times
 Or simply to tell someone that you love them

Can I change my message after I have placed my order?

Yes, you can change your message up to 24 hours after you have received your certificate. After this, your inscription details will be ‘locked’ down and no further changes can be made.

How long will the Ibrox Forever stones last?

We have every reason to believe they will be there for many years to come.

When will I receive my replica?

Replica stones will be engraved at the same time as your stone is being installed at Ibrox Forever. Whilst we cannot give or confirm a specific delivery date at the point of order, we will guarantee that replica purchases will be received within 60 days of the corresponding stone being installed at the stadium.

How many Ibrox Forever Stones can I order?

You can purchase as many Ibrox Forever Stones as you like.

How do I pay for the Stone(s)?

Online: With credit/debit card – VISA & MASTERCARD

Can I choose my location?

The location of your stone cannot be chosen. The stones will be installed on a first come-first installed basis. If you purchase more than one stone we cannot guarantee the stones will be laid together.

Do I need a ticket to view the stone?

This is a free and open space outside the stadium; anyone can come and look at the stones.

Can I buy a stone as a gift?

Yes, you can buy a stone(s) for someone else. The email confirming your purchase will be emailed to you – the purchaser, to check the inscription we have is correct before we engrave the stone..

Letters and characters.

Each line can have a set number of characters, including spaces and punctuation, in uppercase letters only. The images of the stones and the lettering on this website are for illustration purposes only.